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Shri JINManiprabhSURIji ms. खरतरगच्छाधिपतिश्री जहाज मंदिर मांडवला में विराज रहे है।

पूज्य गुरुदेव गच्छाधिपति आचार्य प्रवर श्री जिनमणिप्रभसूरीश्वरजी म.सा. एवं पूज्य आचार्य श्री जिनमनोज्ञसूरीजी महाराज आदि ठाणा जहाज मंदिर मांडवला में विराज रहे है। आराधना साधना एवं स्वाध्याय सुंदर रूप से गतिमान है। दोपहर में तत्त्वार्थसूत्र की वाचना चल रही है। जिसका फेसबुक पर लाइव प्रसारण एवं यूट्यूब (जहाज मंदिर चेनल) पे वीडियो दी जा रही है । प्रेषक मुकेश प्रजापत फोन- 9825105823

Ranakpur Jain Temple

1.0 Introduction On a curve of the boulder-strewn Maghai River in Rajasthan, in a tiny enclave formed by the forested Arāvalli hills, lies the sacred site of Rānakapura. In the 15th century several temples were built there and a bustling township overlooking the valley occupied the western slopes of the hills. Of the glory of those days, little remains today. The town has disappeared without a trace- the memory of its existence being occasionally conjured up by a vessel, or a gold coin discovered by wandering goatherds. One of the surviving fanes, set slightly apart from the rest, is the Sun temple built by illustrious RānaKumbha, the Hindu ruler of powerful Rajput kingdom of Mewar. Three of the other temples belong to the Jainas. Of them all, the most impressive is the 'Dharaņa Vihāra' built by Dharaņa Shah and dedicated to Yugādisvara( the first lord of this aeon). It is also known as Trailokyadipaka Prāsāda-the temple of the light of the three worlds. 1.1 Dharaņ…